Iconology Korea
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Mission and Principles

ICONOLOGY KOREA is looking to define and dominate a largely untamed market that has not only lain largely unaddressed for decades now, but has been scarcely identified as a market at all. We clearly see a market in the interstices between formal business consulting, the work of translators and interpreters, theoreticians, as well as media/culture workers and producers. Since our group aims squarely at this interstitial space which is ACTUALLY where a lot of organizations interested in Korea are looking for help -- AKA Korea-based "cultural consulting" -- we are setting up shop to provide this new media-era, content-is-king, type of service.

We believe that marketing can be art. And that there is an art to marketing. We reject the ersatz and cynical approach of marketing as mass deception, or that of public relations as Propaganda. We believe in telling stories about people and brands that will add to the Public Good while we earn an honest profit by doing good work. We consider our brand and image curation clients to be partners in this endeavor of Good Works, so we choose our clients and projects to build our brand image together. Even as a business that always endeavors to expand through new clients, Iconology Korea always strives  to join hands with a clientele that share these core values. Your brand or project is ours as well. We think that telling Good stories that are truly worth telling is the only, best way to move forward. 

And to do that nimbly, competitively, and profitably requires a customized creativity that most PR/creative agencies can’t call upon through cookie cutter solutions and homogenized processes. We are the boutique creative shop whose main product is the identification, cultivation, and actualization of spry, adaptable, and whip-smart talent that we scale up to meet your brand story needs. 

A final principle is one of transmitting our excitement over Korean culture and society’s ever-evolving success story in assuming a greater role on the world stage as a true leader in Hypermodern art and expression, as a leader in the production of popular culture. We believe that the Culture Industry, factory-style of pop culture production (e.g. K-POP) is only the beginning of Korea’s present and future trajectory as a leader of a Hypermodern popular culture production that will, for better or worse, inevitably typify the path all societies will take as all of humanity enters this new stage of Hypermodernity. For better or worse, this is the direction Korea and the world are headed.  ICONOLOGY KOREA would like to think we can play a part in steering it to the side of Better. Join us in this grand Endeavor.