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All team members are creators and knowledge producers.

Meet Our Team

Our team of creators is composed of MASTER CREATORS who pass their skillsets down to Expert Interns (EXTERNS) who help execute projects. Since all projects are different and require variable skillsets, we have an on-call roster of PRO-CREATORS to come in on specific projects as well.  


Unity Jackson

Chief Imaging Officer

Unity Jackson has...

Master Creators are founding members from whom knowledge flows outward to be reproduced in the skillsets and competencies of others in the company. 

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Dr. Michael W. Hurt, Founder and CEO

Dr. Michael Hurt (@kuraeji on Instagram) is a photographer and professor living in Seoul. He received his doctorate from UC Berkeley's Department of Ethnic Studies and started Korea's first street fashion blog in 2006. He researches youth, subcultures and street fashion at the SSK research group as a research professor at the University of Seoul and also writes on Visual Sociology and Cultural Studies at his blog and book development site Deconstructing Korea.


Soo-Hee Kang,
Master Creator

Soo-Hee Kang is the founding editor of Gaze Magazine, a publication dedicated to feminist critiques of popular culture. Soo-Hee is a student of Media & Communication and Sociology at Korea University. She produces content analyzing media and culture from a feminist and LGBT perspective.She is a master wrangler of the Korean Internet and has her finger on the pulse of the domestic Korean Zeitgeist and media narratives.


Soo-Ah Jeong,
Master Creator

Soo-ah knows how to get things done and produced on the streets of Korea, in the thick of production. A fixer and location manager at Main Media, a high-end equipment and media support services company based in Yeouido, Soo-ah knows how to work through the inevitable problems of production and fix things, Korean style. She conceived and managed projects like her YUHENGSA gallery art exhibition/social media campaign that got many animals adopted into good homes. 



Torsten Ingvaldsen
Master Creator

Torsten Ingvaldsen graduated from Pacific Lutheran University with a dual-BA in Cultural Anthropology and Global Studies. He also attended Korea University's  Graduate School of International Studies for a degree in Korean Studies, where he examined hip-hop and youth cultures in Seoul. With his unique background and experience in photography, graphic design, and marketing focusing on ethnographic approaches Torsten  creates unique and innovative visual content and strategies for brands, artists, and organizations alike.

PRO-CREATORS, external consultants. 


Charlotte Gryson

Charlotte Gryson is Press & Communication Assistant Manager of the Korean Cultural Center of Belgium and the European Union. Charlotte is a Koreanist and also works as a freelance journalist, translator and interpreter. Her main fields of interest lay in sociology, consumerism, and gender studies especially in the context of comics, art and fashion.


Iyanu Anderson

Iyanu Anderson is a visual artist, singer, and dancer by trades, and studied Music and Korean at SOAS University of London. She is also a model and presenter for our group. Since she has also worked as a content producer making videos for Korean entertainment companies, she will assist in producing content on both the front and back ends for Iconology Korea. 



Nitzah Vazquez,
Head Intern

Nitzah Vazquez originally hails from Chicago, Illinois and is presently an Economics major in the Yonsei University Underwood International College. She is interested in modeling, fashion culture, and photography and active in projects involving Korean popular culture, especially as it has to do with visual culture and street fashion. She has previously worked with Dr. Hurt as an intern at Seoul Fashion Week.